Wednesday, April 4, 2012

5 Days Away!

5 days until we start the 30 day challenge!!! I am excited. These past couple of weeks we have been eating like crap... We have been busy and stressed and fallen into old eating habits. We have had pizza this week, burritos and cheeseburgers and I feel like crap! It really has been showing on my body as well- I can tell I have gained at least 5 pounds. The weight honestly does not bother me as much as my energy level and overall feeling of BLAH. This weekend I have A LOT of things on my list to prepare for our challenge which includes:

  1. Cleaning out the pantry and fridge 
  2. Making a grocery list 
  3. Shopping! 
  4. Making a menu plan for the first week 
  5. Making some Paleo bars for quick snacks 
  6. Making some Paleo condiments (ketchup & mayo) 
  7. Some before pics so we can see our progress 
  8. Order some back up Paleo food 
I will post some pictures this weekend of Paleo bars along with the recipe- they are a creation of my own and I have never actually wrote out a recipe so hopefully this batch will be as good as the last! I will use my Paleo cookbook for the recipe for the ketchup and mayo. I am getting really excited. Honestly, I am sick of eating the junk food and I am ready to get it out of my system! I would start the challenge today- but I think keeping our start date and really having a lot of control and planning around this challenge will be what makes it successful. We have never completed more than 8-10 days of eating pure Paleo so this will truly be a challenge. On top of Paleo I will be increasing the number of times I go to CrossFit per week from 3 to around 5 or 6 days.

 (at the best CrossFit ever...

I also want to increase my cardio work. Unfortunately, Matt has a pretty serious back injury :( so he will be unable to work out with me- but I know just eating healthy will make him feel a lot better. ALSO- I am thinking about ordering some food from an awesome Paleo service in our area in order to have some food on hand in case of an emergency. 

Here is the website:

Well- tonight I will start by looking through Brian's Bowls and possibly placing an order. If I do I will fill everyone in with what I ordered. By "everyone" I mean the two people that read the blog, my husband (because I force him) and Natalie. Haha! 

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